Probably one of the most frustrating aspects of offering services that help companies reduce the cost of doing business is dealing with high-level company employees who are not interested in saving their company money. WHY NOT? If the bottom line is the parameter of business success, it would seem that most companies would use every means available to enhance profits by reducing unnecessary costs. After all, doesn’t saving money by reducing unnecessary expenditures also equate to a substantial bottom line improvement.

However, instead of asking why not, let’s ask when. What happens when a company is shrewd enough to realize there is an abundance of knowledge in the private sector. What happens when the knowledge obtained from many years of high-level hands on experience is taken advantage of? Well, 80-90% of the time they are able to reduce their overall utility costs anywhere between 5-30% annually. A good question here is how much in sales would it require for a company to generate the same profit that’s equivalent to a 5-30% reduction in annual unnecessary utility costs?

What stands out the most in my mind when I review our partial client listing is that it says we must truly have quality services to offer, if we can save companies like these money on their utility bills. It also says that there are no ego or status issues in these companies, just people who are wise enough to utilize proven professionals to enhance their positions by saving their company money, with little or no out of pocket fees or expenses.

Our bottom line is that you have absolutely nothing to lose from utilizing our services. All of our preliminary analysis is free of charge. Also, after the findings are presented, you are under no cost or obligation what so ever.

So “WHY NOT” try us and see what cutting edge ideas we can offer that will help you keep more of the hard-earned money (you have made). There is no risk due to the fact that you are in complete control at all times and recommendations are only implemented with complete understanding and client approval.

Timothy R. Pounders


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