The great thing about Cost Reduction Services is that the only service we provide where the client actually pays us directly is our utility refund service. All that is required to begin and complete the entire project is a signed agreement and letter of authorization and copies of your most recent gas, electric or steam bills. We only share in a percentage of the refund and do not participate in future savings. Refunds can range anywhere between 4-10% of annual utility expenditures over the last three years.

Cost Reduction $ervices offers methods to recover lost revenue
and plan for future savings with no out-of-pocket expense.

We are “Channel Partners” with several of the largest wholesale electric suppliers in the United States. The value of these relationships to our clients is that the key element in procuring electric is timing. Our professional relationships allow us to obtain pricing from different suppliers at the same time so you can compare and make a sound business decision while the prices are still good. Usually, the supplier can obtain all the necessary information they need from a simple letter of authorization, although in some instance a complete copy of a recent bill may be required. We are paid a nominal fee from the supplier for bringing the two of you together.

We are closely associated with one of the mid-west’s largest natural gas suppliers. If your use more than 12,000 Dth’s a year and are not buying storage gas, we can help you save money! Supply, hurricanes, sub-zero temperatures and even extremely hot weather all have an impact on natural gas prices. That is why utilizing a company with access to historical and forward-looking data can be invaluable when buying your natural gas supply. All that is required to see if you can benefits from the many different strategies is a copy of a recent summer and winter bill. We are paid a nominal fee by the supplier for bringing the two of you together.

The cost of waste removal is constantly rising and is the one utility that probably gets the least amount of attention it deserves. There are significant savings available on your waste bills, but unless you work in that arena 24/7, the chances of you obtaining and keeping them in place are slim. It really requires someone who knows the local markets and is experienced in negotiating with waste vendors and then monitoring the monthly billings to insure saving remain intact. So if you have one location or 500, chances are we can save you anywhere between 10-30% of your annual waste removal costs. We are paid a nominal fee by the supplier for bringing the two of you together.

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